May 16, 2024

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Aliens Disposing Of Nuclear Waste? A Star With a Bizarre Spectrum Has Scientists Suspicious

Aliens Disposing Of Nuclear Waste? A Star With a Bizarre Spectrum Has Scientists Suspicious

Although we have yet to find definitive proof of the existence of extraterrestrials, scientists have discovered some phenomena that could be linked to them during past observations of deep space, such as a star with a strange spectrum 355 light-years away that has raised suspicions and speculation that it could be aliens disposing of nuclear waste.

Scientists have discovered a star with material that shouldn't be there

The star is called "Hd101065" And is located in the direction of the constellation centaurus, 355 light years away from us (as shown by the arrow in the picture above). Scientists noticed this star because its luminosity changes dramatically within a very short time period, making it a rare 'fast oscillating ap star'.

The spectra of "Hd101065" Were found to be bizarre, with spectral analysis showing a low abundance of iron (an order of magnitude lower than the sun), but the presence of strontium, yttrium, caesium, cesium and thorium. Scandium, neodymium, niobium, thorium, ytterbium ...... And, more outrageously, radioactive elements such as actinium, protactinium, neptunium, plutonium, americium, curium, berkelium and einsteinium ...... Are also present in this star.

Why is this spectrum spooky? Let's start with a brief analysis.

In our universe, iron is the heaviest element that can be produced by stellar nuclear fusion, while elements heavier than iron are produced by neutron capture, the vast majority of which are produced during supernova explosions or neutron star collisions.

It follows that the heavier rare-earth elements in the universe are much rarer than iron, so that since hd101065 has a low abundance of iron, it should have a negligible abundance of rare-earth elements, which in normal proportions would not be reflected in the stellar spectrum. The abundance of the rare earth elements in the stellar spectrum would be so low that, in normal proportions, they would not be reflected in the spectrum.

It may be possible to argue that, by chance, hd101065 has captured enough rare earth elements, but this is difficult to explain for the short-lived radioactive elements in this star. For example, einsteinium has a half-life of at most 400 days (20 seconds at the shortest), which means that the amount of einsteinium halves every so often, and no amount of einsteinium can persist for long as time passes.

In other words, these short-lived radioactive elements are not supposed to be present on hd101065, but they are present on the star, which suggests that there is a mechanism that is constantly replenishing the star.

Scientists' speculation

Theoretically, if there is a neutron star in the vicinity of 'hd101065', then it is possible that the bombardment of this neutron star with a stream of high speed particles could produce a steady stream of heavier elements.

There is also speculation that there may be some unknown superheavy elements on "Hd101065" That are so numerous and have such long half-lives that they have been decaying slowly over a long period of time, and among the products of their decay are these short-lived radioactive elements.

Both speculations are unconvincing, however, as observations show that there are no neutron stars in the vicinity of "Hd101065", and that the so-called "Unknown superheavy elements" Can only exist in unproven theories, and in fact scientists have never found such material.

This is why the strange spectrum of the star has raised suspicions that it could be alien related, for example, penn state astrophysicist jason wright has ventured to speculate that the cause of this phenomenon would be the disposal of nuclear waste by aliens.

Nuclear reactions are not just "Nuclear fission" And "Nuclear fusion"; in fact, any reaction that causes a change in the nucleus of an atom should be called a nuclear reaction, and through the manipulation of various nuclear reactions, various "Magical effects" Can be achieved, such as "Magical effects". The manipulation of various nuclear reactions can achieve a variety of 'magical effects', such as the 'photonuclear reaction', which allows the nucleus of the element mercury to lose a proton, thus transforming it into gold.

It is conceivable that if aliens were technologically powerful enough, they could carry out all kinds of nuclear reactions, which would inevitably produce useless or even harmful nuclear waste, the easiest way to dispose of which would be to throw it into the stars.

It is worth noting that the famous astrophysicist carl sagan once came up with the interesting idea that if a civilization wanted to get the attention of other civilizations in the universe, it might deliberately drop material on its nearby stars that should not be there in the first place, in a way that would be like them shouting across the universe, "Hey, everybody, look over here, we're here."