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Nasa Finds Junk On Mars When It's Clearly Empty: A Shiny Piece Of Metal Embedded Between Rocks

Nasa Finds Junk On Mars When It's Clearly Empty: A Shiny Piece Of Metal Embedded Between Rocks

Mars is an earth-like planet located in the habitable zone of our solar system, with many similarities to earth, and some studies suggest that billions of years ago mars was also a warm, humid alien world, more similar to the present earth. In view of this, many people believe that there were ancient creatures on mars, and perhaps even intelligent civilisations that had developed to a certain extent. Later, as the martian environment changed, the liquid water on the surface of mars disappeared without a trace, and its atmosphere was gradually stripped away, leaving only an extremely thin atmosphere, which has become extremely desolate and arid, and the potential ancient creatures have also disappeared. Of course, this is only speculation, because so far we have found no trace of life on mars, and no one knows if there is life on mars. However, as we explore mars, we sometimes see some interesting sights and even find some junk. Strange, there are no people on mars, so why is there rubbish? Where does all this rubbish come from?

Mars rover finds metal rubbish

During its exploration on the surface of mars, the trail rover often takes pictures of the surrounding scenery and then transmits the data and photos back to earth by radio. After getting these photos, nasa scientists will not only launch research on these data and photos, but also publish some photos for everyone to enjoy. On june 16, 2022, nasa released a somewhat "Unexpected" Photo of a silvery sheet of metal embedded between rocks on the surface of mars. What's the deal, there's metal junk on mars?

After some research, it turns out that this silvery piece of metal is indeed a piece of "Junk", but not the so-called martian relics or the junk left on the surface of mars by some alien civilization, but a real piece of man-made junk. The shiny metal fragment was actually brought to mars by the trailblazer rover when it landed. To protect the rover from being damaged by the heat, there is some insulation on the exterior of the lander, and this piece of metal is part of the lander's insulation material.

Nasa scientists were surprised to find this piece of debris in the vicinity of the rover, even though it was known to be "Junk" Debris brought by the trailblazer. The rover was now more than 2 kilometres from the landing site. Did this piece of metal fall this far from the landing site when the trail rover landed, or was it blown over by the wind later? Probably no one knows for sure.

This is not the first time that man-made junk has been found on mars, as a number of similar junk has been photographed by mars rovers before. For example, during its flight, the mars helicopter jiji photographed a disc-shaped object on the surface of mars that had fallen to pieces. When some people saw the disc-shaped wreckage, they thought it was some kind of vehicle, but it was not what they thought. The saucer-shaped wreckage was actually a protective cover that was thrown off the trail rover during its landing on mars, and the cover broke when it fell to the surface.

The future of mars will be filled with more and more trash

As humans continue to explore mars, more and more man-made junk will appear on the planet in the future, just like on the moon, where there are now more than 180 tons of junk. At the moment we can only explore mars by reflecting probes, but as technology advances, humans will be able to land on mars and even migrate to mars in the future. Once humans reach mars, living and producing on the planet will generate a lot of rubbish.