Oct 26, 2023

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Mysterious Circles Have Appeared In The Universe And Scientists Don't Know How To Explain It... Is It The Emergence Of An Advanced Civilisation?

Mysterious Circles Have Appeared In The Universe And Scientists Don't Know How To Explain It... Is It The Emergence Of An Advanced Civilisation?

Whichever way you look at it, humans cannot be the only intelligent creatures in the universe. As far as we know, the universe has existed for at least tens of billions of years, so a reasonable speculation is that there is probably an advanced civilization in the universe that is hundreds of millions or even billions of years ahead of humans, and if that is the case, their level of technology is something that we humans simply cannot imagine.

For us humans, there are too many unknowns in the vastness of the universe, and although humans have been on earth for millions of years, it has only been a few hundred years since humans really began to explore the mysteries of the universe.

In the course of exploring the universe, mysterious phenomena are occasionally discovered that scientists do not know how to explain, such as stars that behave unusually, galaxies with regular shapes, and "Giant holes in the universe" That are ridiculously empty, to name but a few, and the question often arises: Is it the emergence of an advanced civilisation?

It is conceivable that as we continue to explore the universe, more of these phenomena will be discovered, and so it has been in a research project called "The evolutionary map of the universe".

Mysterious circles appear in the universe

The aim of the project, which starts in 2019, is not to search for advanced civilisations in the universe, but to use the new askap telescope to explore the evolution of stars and black holes in galaxies, the relationship between dark matter halos and radio sources, and the large-scale structure of the universe, and to create a detailed map of the radio sources of galaxies in the universe. Source distribution of the universe.

"The askap telescope is a giant radio telescope array of small dish antennas capable of surveying large swathes of the sky with unprecedented precision and speed, and even before the research began, scientists on the project speculated that they might find something "Out of the ordinary". ", and their suspicions proved correct.

During their research work, the scientists discovered a never-before-seen circular structure, a shape that would have been relatively common in the universe, but confusingly, this discovery was only visible in the radio band (which is very bright near its edges) but not in the other bands, whether infrared, visible light or x-rays, which are not observed at all.

Scientists have discovered four such mysterious circles, three of which have no way of determining their distance or size, but only one, named "Orc j0102-2450", has any concrete information, and the observations show that it is about 3 billion light years away, with a diameter of 978,000 light years.

How should this mysterious circle be explained?

Theoretically, such giant circular structures visible only in the radio band could not exist, so scientists' first reaction was that there was a problem with the observing equipment, but this explanation was quickly dismissed as scientists found these circular structures with other radio telescopes as well.

Scientists have since proposed various explanations, such as that the mysterious rings are caused by "Gravitational lensing", that they are conical jets of particles and energy produced by a supermassive black hole as it swallows up gas and dust, or that there was a violent explosion in the centre of a giant galaxy that produced a shock wave. The shock waves from the explosion spread outwards in the form of spheres, eventually forming a circular structure.

However, none of these ideas seems to hold water, as "Gravitational lensing" Cannot explain the symmetry of the mysterious rings, and scientists have not found masses large enough in the region, while other ideas cannot explain the fact that the rings are only visible in the radio band.

In short, on the basis of existing theories, scientists do not know how to explain this phenomenon, so it is natural to speculate that an advanced civilisation has emerged?

Needless to say, this hypothesis could perfectly explain all the mysterious phenomena, after all, in our imagination, those advanced civilisations in the universe are omnipotent, but the question is what exactly is their purpose in creating such giant circular structures?

The mysterious circle could be the entrance and exit of a "Wormhole" Created by an advanced civilisation, which is a special channel formed when space-time is bent to a certain extent, connecting this is an important reason why advanced civilisations are able to travel across the universe. It is not clear why advanced civilisations would make them visible only in the radio band.