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A Rare Staging Of The Seven Stars In a Row: It Only Happens Once In 77 Years! Why It's Seen As An Ominous Sign By Some People

A Rare Staging Of The Seven Stars In a Row: It Only Happens Once In 77 Years! Why It's Seen As An Ominous Sign By Some People

When there are astronomical wonders in the sky, there may be some people who are afraid to see them, for example, when we saw a total solar eclipse or a lunar eclipse, many netizens said that they did not want to enjoy it, fearing that it was an "Ominous sign". The solar system and the earth have been around for billions of years, and there have been countless astronomical wonders in that time. If these astronomical wonders were really going to bring about the end of the earth or other problems, human civilisation would probably not have emerged, or would have been held back in its development. But what actually happened was that human civilization did not perish because of various astronomical wonders during the millions of years of its development. Therefore, one need not worry when astronomical wonders such as total solar eclipses, five-star or seven-star events occur; this is normal.

A rare staging of seven stars in a row

During this period of time, i believe we have all seen a lot of news about the seven stars in a row. In the early hours of june 17, 2022, a rare seven stars in a row was staged and there were also images captured by netizens. What is the sight of the seven stars in a row? Will its appearance really have no effect on our planet?

There are countless planets in the universe which follow their own orbits. For example, in our solar system, eight planets such as mercury and venus already orbit the sun, while the moon orbits the earth, europa orbits jupiter and titan orbits saturn. These bodies occasionally orbit in a "Line", or close to a line, with the other planets.

For example, what we often call a total solar eclipse is actually a similar situation. When the earth orbits the sun and the moon orbits the earth, sometimes the earth will lie between the moon and the sun, and sometimes the moon will lie between the earth and the sun. A total solar eclipse is when the moon is just between the earth and the sun, and the moon blocks the sunlight, which is then seen in some places on the ground where the sun is obscured, as if something has bitten it.

The seven stars in a row that are playing out this time are the seven planets of the solar system - saturn, neptune, jupiter, mars, uranus, venus and mercury - which align in a line at around 4am on june 17, 2022, a situation that will continue until june 19, 2022. Of course, the speed of these objects is actually relatively slow, so their relative positions will not change particularly quickly. Some experts say that we will see this view every day for the next ten days or so, before sunrise, when venus, uranus, mars, jupiter, neptune and saturn will "Join the pearls" With mercury from east to west. "So if you are interested you can enjoy it, it is really rare.

If we look at the seven stars with an angle of less than 30°, we can see that there were only 39 such events from the first year ad to the year 3000 ad, which means that they only happened once in 77 years on average, so they are really rare.

Why it is seen as an ominous sign by some people

Why would a seemingly normal astronomical spectacle be considered by some to be an ominous sign? A long time ago, when science was not yet developed, the ancients did not understand the formation of these astronomical wonders, so some people thought it might be a sign from heaven and were therefore more worried. With the progress of science, we now know that these are just very normal astronomical sights and are not ominous.

Of course, even though we now know the cause, there are some doomsayers who may exaggerate the impact of these astronomical wonders, suggesting that a multi-star conjunction may lead to a catastrophe on earth. But history has proven that this simply does not happen. So there is no need for people to worry.