Sep 12, 2023

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What's Going On? Spiraling Object Appears In New Zealand Night Sky And a Series Of Fireballs Streak Across The Spanish Night Sky

What's Going On? Spiraling Object Appears In New Zealand Night Sky And a Series Of Fireballs Streak Across The Spanish Night Sky

There have been some strange occurrences in the night sky in some areas, such as a spiralling 'ufo' in new zealand and a series of fireballs in spain. Whenever we see these strange flying objects in the sky, it is easy to wonder if they are related to so-called extraterrestrial civilisations, or what some people think might be their vehicles.

Although so far we have not discovered alien life, alien civilisations, there are some studies that seem to suggest to us that earth may not be the only living planet and humans may not be the only intelligent civilisation. It is a simple fact that there are billions of earth-like planets deep in the universe, some of which may be as comfortable or even more comfortable than earth's environment. And as the universe has reached an age of over 13 billion years, almost 9 billion years more than the life span of the earth of over 4 billion years, it stands to reason that the universe has exactly enough time and space to develop alien life, alien civilizations. If there are advanced alien civilizations, then it might not be difficult for them to visit earth, so could the spiral-shaped flying objects and bearish fireballs that appeared during this time be related to them?

A series of fireballs streak across the spanish night sky

At around 0030 local time on 21 june 2022, a series of fireballs appeared in the spanish night sky. These blazing fireballs also lit up the night sky as they flew through the sky at high speed, and were seen by many eyewitnesses. Of course, the fiery balls that appeared in spain this time were not the arrival of a so-called alien civilisation's spacecraft, but would have been the effect of rocket debris re-entering the earth's atmosphere.

Some of you may wonder why a rocket does not burn when it is launched into the earth's atmosphere, but burns violently when it re-enters the atmosphere, turning into a ball of fire.

Normally, when a spacecraft, probe or rocket wreck re-enters the atmosphere, they do so at very high speeds, reaching several kilometres per second or even faster. When they enter the earth's atmosphere at such a fast speed, they rub violently against the air and, with the aerodynamic heating effect, the temperature of the gas around the spacecraft rises dramatically to several thousand degrees celsius and, from the outside, it looks like the spacecraft is burning violently. As the altitude of the spacecraft continues to drop, the air density and air resistance will increase and the speed of the spacecraft will drop dramatically, and when it reaches a certain altitude, the speed is already very slow and the combustion will end at this point, whether it is a probe going to the moon for sampling, or an asteroid for sampling, or a spacecraft flying in near earth orbit, it will go through this process when returning to earth.

The fireball that appeared in spain this time was in fact the result of the violent burning of the rocket wreckage as it re-entered the earth's atmosphere. The reason for the series of fireballs is that on re-entry, the rocket wreckage burned violently and broke down into a large number of pieces. Even if some of the wreckage may not burn up completely, they will fall at sea after re-entry, so the threat to humans is actually very small. So, there is no need to worry.

Mysterious blue spiral appears in new zealand night sky

Last sunday night, there was also a strange sight for people to see in the night sky of new zealand, a spiral-shaped light streaked across the night sky. Many eyewitnesses saw the scene at the time and took many photos. Many netizens speculated on the truth of this one spiral-shaped flying object, and some of them thought it might be an alien spacecraft coming. But the actual situation is not as mysterious as imagined, it may also be generated by rockets.

Spacex launched a rocket from cape canaveral in florida, and as this rocket sent the satellite into space, it also ejected some propellant in its wake, which then formed the swirling vortex of spiral-shaped flying objects we see high in the sky. So, let's not make any wild guesses.