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A Female Spotted Hyena With Lad Parts? Is It a Genetic Mutation, Or Is It Male Incompetence?

A Female Spotted Hyena With Lad Parts? Is It a Genetic Mutation, Or Is It Male Incompetence?

If lions are the dominant species on the african savannah, then the spotted hyena is definitely the "Second brother of the savannah". As a "Gangster group" Second only to the lions in terms of fighting power, the spotted hyena has dared to round up tigers, fight grey wolves and cry grizzly bear.

Female spotted sideburns with male reproductive organs?

The spotted hyena is a special species in the animal kingdom because females are more powerful and masculine than males.

In the spotted hyena family, a male weighs around 50 kg, but a female can weigh up to 82 kg. Females have strong forequarters and broad shoulders, which also make them faster and more suited to chasing prey.

Of course these are just a few of the differences between male and female spotted hyenas, it is their reproductive system that is truly astounding.

Reproductive system can be erected

(differences between male and female spotted hyenas)

In addition to this, female spotted hyenas also have what look like male 'testicles' and from the outside you cannot even see the female's reproductive tract, all of which make it difficult to distinguish between females and males.

Although the physical characteristics of female spotted hyenas are close to those of males, they appear to be hermaphroditic. However, if one looks closely, one can still see the difference between the sexes. Male spotted hyenas have pointed, thin and long external genitalia, while females are rounded, a feature that can be distinguished from the time the pups are three months old.

Of course, in addition to the above characteristics that distinguish the two sexes, the two large breasts of the spotted hyena when pregnant are also sufficient evidence of the secondary sexual characteristics of the female.

(spotted hyena genitalia)

However, we can imagine a male spotted hyena with a wife who is either boulder johnson or stallone, each more courageous than garrison's daredevil, and we wonder how the male spotted hyena feels.

Since the hermaphroditism of the spotted hyena is the exact opposite of that of humans, is the social system of the spotted hyena also opposite?

The answer is yes. If humans continue to have a patriarchal society, the world of the spotted hyena is purely matriarchal, and the female spotted hyenas are really experiencing what it means to be treated like a "Master".

The matriarchal society of the spotted hyena.

In the spotted hyena family, the females have a significantly higher social status than the males because they are all physically strong and large. Even the lowest status female spotted hyena will be treated higher than any of the males.

For example, when a group meal is served, the females are always the first to eat, then it is the turn of the cubs to eat, and only when there is very little meat left from the prey do the males get to eat the leftover scraps.

This also reminds people of the bad customs of feudal society - women are not allowed to eat at the table.

In fact, the young male spotted hyenas are "Mothered" And can enjoy their mother's status and can be aggressive towards adult females who are less privileged than their mothers, although in general the females do not treat their young as they know that they will one day grow up and become breeding machines for the females.

In addition to this, spotted hyenas treat their children differently as a matrilineal clan. Daughters stay in the family and inherit the family property, while sons grow up to marry out and become husbands and grooms in other families. This also essentially eliminates the risk of inbreeding in the spotted hyena.

(male spotted hyena courting)

Female spotted hyenas also have difficulty in mating because of their special external reproductive structure and hidden external genital tract. It is absolutely impossible for a male to 'rape' a female without her consent, which further strengthens the social status of female spotted hyenas.

So if a male wants to have offspring, he has to be submissive and submissive, begging and pleading with the female. It is also clear from this that aggressive and characterful males are not welcome in the mating market, and that only the "Virtuous" Males have a chance of winning over the females.

This also leads us to wonder why female spotted hyenas are so powerful and strong, and still have the dicks that only boys have. Could it be a genetic mutation?

Why do teenage girls have dingbats?

The primary reason is that female spotted hyenas have an excess of androgens. Animals like spotted hyenas have high levels of androgens even in females, which makes them prim and proper.

In particular, when pregnant, female spotted hyenas provide their young with extremely high concentrations of androgens, allowing them to grow large dicks, and making the females more aggressive in terms of physical development, temperament and behaviour, similar to the males in patriarchal societies.

In this case, the androgens given to the offspring by the queen of the spotted hyena family are higher than those given to the female spotted hyena, so that the "Firstborn" Daughter of the family is generally more aggressive from an early age, in preparation for becoming the head of the family.

However, the female spotted hyena's pseudodingus also has a number of disadvantages, which makes their birth canal narrower than that of other mammals, at just 2.5cm wide. This causes severe tears in the reproductive tract during pregnancy and birth in female spotted hyenas, and there is even the possibility of haemorrhaging and loss of life.

For the foetus, the narrow birth canal also leaves them stuck in the reproductive tract and prone to die from lack of oxygen. Such harsh birth practices have led spotted hyenas to prefer eugenics, giving birth to only one or two babies at a time to ensure as many mothers and children as possible.

Also spotted hyenas have the most abundant milk of any mammal and have a very long nursing period, usually lasting around a year and a half, and as pups they are protected by the whole family and enjoy a very high status. It seems that the young life of the spotted hyena is a very happy one for both sexes.

But in the african savannah, where survival of the fittest is a daily occurrence, what does the small, female dominated spotted hyena have to offer to be called the "Second brother of africa"?

A unique technique - anal retrieval

This brings us to the spotted hyena's infamous hunting method - anal retrieval.

Because of their small size, spotted hyenas have a rather dirty way of dealing with their prey. They first chase their prey around in packs until they are exhausted and then, when they are not looking, they bite into the muscles near the anus.

The prey, caught in the most vulnerable "Lifeline", can only move and let them bite. What is even more horrific is that the prey is not dead yet and the spotted hyena is eager to eat.

Not only do they catch herbivores such as cattle and sheep, but sometimes lions alone can become the victims of the hyena family, which is why they are known as the "Second brother" In africa.

From a human point of view, spotted hyenas are incomprehensible and even insidious, both in terms of the way they grow and their hunting behaviour. But in the natural world of survival of the fittest, the diminutive spotted hyenas are undoubtedly clever because it is the only way they can survive in the law of the jungle where the fittest are the best.