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How Scary Is The Amazon River? Why Can't a Bridge Cross It?

How Scary Is The Amazon River? Why Can't a Bridge Cross It?

When it comes to the amazon river, i believe we are all familiar with it, after all, the amazon river and the amazon rainforest are quite well-known, especially the amazon rainforest, as the "Lungs of the earth", we are very concerned about the situation of the amazon rainforest. However, the current state of the amazon rainforest is not optimistic, in july 8, 2022, the preliminary data released by the brazilian amazon rainforest in the first half of this year was deforested to create a record area, the destruction of the rainforest area is equivalent to about five new york city size. Scientists said that the amazon rainforest is the world's largest piece of tropical rainforest, where there is a large amount of carbon, with the destruction of large areas of rainforest, not only will affect the "Lungs of the earth" To absorb atmospheric carbon dioxide, a large amount of carbon will also be released into the atmosphere, which will exacerbate the warming trend.

The amazon rainforest is a veritable "Kingdom of life", but there are also some very aggressive creatures, so it is also considered a "No-go area for humans". Despite this, humans have been able to conquer the amazon rainforest, which has been decreasing in size year by year due to human destruction. The amazon river, which flows through the amazon rainforest, is difficult for us humans to conquer, and it is said that there is no bridge to cross the amazon river, what is going on?

Why there is no bridge across the amazon river

The amazon river, which originates in the andes, is the second longest river in the world, with a total length of 6,440 kilometers and a basin area of 6,915,000 square kilometers, with more than 15,000 tributaries, making it the largest river in the world in terms of basin area and the largest number of tributaries in the world, "Perched" On the land of south america. It is the largest river basin in the world and the most tributary river in the world, "Perched" On the south american landscape.

Such a large river, with such a wide basin area, directly separates the entire land, which will bring a relatively large impediment to local economic development, cultural exchanges and other aspects. Normally, a bridge would be built directly over the river to "Bring" The two sides of the river closer together, but in reality this is not the case, and no bridge crosses the amazon. Is this a technical problem, or is it something else?

From a technical point of view, it is also true that it is very difficult to build bridges in the amazon. In addition to being the most extensive river in the world, the amazon is also the largest river in the world, with a volume of 219,000 cubic meters per second in normal times, accounting for almost 20% of the world's river volume, which is already several times larger than the sum of the other three major rivers in the world, the nile, the yangtze and the mississippi, and almost equivalent to the volume of seven yangtze rivers. If it is a flood period, the volume of the amazon river can even reach a staggering 280,000 cubic meters per second. It is also the amazon river's river volume is quite amazing, a large amount of river water in an instant into the ocean, so in the amazon river into the sea within 160 kilometers from the shore of the sea water have become lighter. It is really difficult to build a bridge over the amazon river with such a large volume of rivers.

In addition to this, the amazon is very wide and quite deep, reaching up to 240 km at its mouth, and even near manaus in the middle reaches, the river is 5 km wide and 20 km wide in the lower reaches. In the brazilian territory, the depth of the rivers is basically above 45 meters, and near manaus the rivers reach even 99 meters in depth. The difficulty of building bridges in such wide and deep rivers is also quite impressive.

Of course, the depth and the width of the river are problems that can still be solved with advanced technology. Besides these problems, there is another problem that actually cannot be solved by technology, and that is the main reason why there are no bridges in the amazon.

The reason is this, the amazon river has as many as 15,000 tributaries, so many rivers converge into the amazon river, bringing not only a large amount of water flow to the amazon river, but also a large amount of sediment. When flooding, a large amount of sediment and river water into the amazon river, it may cause the amazon river to divert, that is, we now see the amazon river flowing from this area, but after a while the river may "Shift" To another area. In other words, if we build a bridge across the amazon river, once the river has been diverted, the bridge will lose its meaning, after all, the river has "Run". This is really not technology can solve.

How terrible is the amazon river?

We often see a statement that the amazon river is very scary, no one dares to swim in the river, is this true?

In fact, the amazon river is indeed to be much scarier than the yangtze, yellow river, nile these rivers, its horror lies not only in its river volume is quite amazing, nor in the number of its tributaries, but in the amazon river there are some extremely aggressive creatures, such as piranhas, electric eels, anaconda, etc.. Piranha, for example, their bite is quite amazing, and if they bite their prey, they will twist their bodies to tear off the flesh of their prey directly. In addition, these piranhas appear in groups, can be in a fairly short period of time to eat the prey only white bones. Imagine if we rashly swim in the amazon river, once encountered these piranhas and attacked by them, the consequences are unimaginable.