Dogs Often Lie On Their Front Legs On The Ground With Their Bottoms Puckered Up, What Exactly Is That Saying?

In the wild, wolves are pack animals, and by living in packs they stand at the top of the food chain, but despite this, they face daily threats

Fungal Manipulation Of "Zombie Flies": Mating Won't Stop Even After Death!

Researchers believe that the longer a female fly killed by a fungal infection dies, the greater the spread of these fungi, releasing more chemical signals

Humans And Birds Both Stand On Two Feet, So Why Can Birds Sleep Standing Up But Not Humans?

When we humans feel very tired, we often say that we can fall asleep standing up, but this is just a description. In reality, it is impossible for humans to sleep standing up, but there are many animals in nature that have this such a skill that humans do not have, for example, horses can sleep standing up effortlessly.