Thousands Of Large Birds Live In India's Largest Rubbish Dump, So Why Do Locals Prefer To Starve Rather Than Eat Them?

In addition to the nearby residents, the dump has become a "paradise for animals", and the most abundant animal living here is our protagonist today - a larger than human bird bald stork

Wild Tiger Reappears In Shadow, Rare Scene Captured In Malaysia, How Rare Is This Tiger?

Poaching. As long as the tiger is always around a poaching problem, because since ancient times, the idea that the tiger is a treasure has been deeply rooted

The First Person To Freeze: The Rich Bedford, Was Supposed To Wake Up 5 Years Ago, How Is It Now?

Although scientists did find that people still have consciousness at the time of death, but the consciousness does not stay for a long time, may not have time to react, the consciousness disappeared