In 1931, a Scientist Accidentally Turned His 10-Month-Old Son Into An Orangutan By Keeping Him With Him

Kellogg adopted a 7-month-old female chimpanzee from a charity and named her Goya. Donald and Goya live together every day living, eating and moving around. The surrounding neighbors have since been amazed to find the child next door in and out with the orangutan!

Dogs Often Lie On Their Front Legs On The Ground With Their Bottoms Puckered Up, What Exactly Is That Saying?

In the wild, wolves are pack animals, and by living in packs they stand at the top of the food chain, but despite this, they face daily threats

Turning Defense Into Offense! In The Future, Genetically Modified Crops May Learn To Catch Their Own Bugs

Scientists have applied genetic analysis tools to study insectivorous plants. The study depicted the dynamics of calcium molecules in the leaves of carnivorous plants when insect prey landed on the leaves and were captured by sticky secretions.